Keep Walking “Your Path”


When you’re supposed to be where you’re supposed to be, there’s nothing that can stop you on your path. Have you ever attempted to do something to no avail or have been challenged by things you don’t understand? When you decide to surge forward despite the challenge, you discover more of the presence and power of God within you.

When you commit to letting go of some kind of habit or some kind of issue and a new challenge shows up to replace it, what I really want you to know is that if you keep walking the walk, you WILL discover exactly what you are to know about that situation or circumstance. There was a time when you decided on some level what matters. We know by the law according to the truth of who we are, that it will be established for you.

We’re here as human beings to experience greatness and the only thing we’re asked to give up is what is making us unhappy and to keep moving in the direction of our life path.


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