“It’s not that big a deal.” … Really?


Many books tell us that the power of our words make all the difference in our lives. Our statements determine whether we are energized and impassioned or disenchanted and disconnected. It is crucial for all of us to go through the process of totally aligning with the words we speak and the messages we give and to learn to move beyond the old cliches that often become our way of life.

We are using old language with a new emerging self, and it is not impassioned and energizing. We are like the beggar carrying old rags when an upgrade in our words, thoughts, and actions could bring us riches.

Words that are very powerful can become old rags that bind us rather than attracting new riches that would free us. This week I will explore many examples of such untrue statements.

Cliche 1) “It’s not that big a deal.”- An individual will describe a situation in his or her life this way. I would ask you to realize that, when people say something and follow it up with this statement, it means they want someone to recognize that it really is a big deal. This is a cry for help; to be acknowledged that they are a big deal and truly matter.

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