The Energy of Creation


As an avatar and a shaman, Jesus understood that there are a few major roles for us to understand in order to allow God to play through us:

1. We are whole made in the image and likeness of God.
2. We are therefore infinite.
3. We are related to our own families, yet more important, we are related to the Creator who gave us life.

As we surrender with our own inner PHD (prayer, humility, and devotion), we understand it is one thing to get along with the family, yet this can limit us in understanding our greater inheritance if we are unable to allow ourselves to emerge into the planetary family for which we are destined. We are here to come from wholeness, infinity, and interconnectedness. Our families of origin are valuable in helping us see what we want to be and what we don’t want to be, yet it is our Creator and the energy of creation that brings us into our true being.

Excerpt When Did You die?

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