Invoking Your Spiritual Capital


I Let Divine Presence Support Me
I celebrate and acknowledge the One Infinite Presence,
which is All Loving and Present in every part of my life,
I know this as my Source of All Good and Support,
For Divine Love fills my life with richness, abundance
Creativity, joy and a loving zest for creative enterprise,
For I know that it is through the gift of Love manifesting
As Creativity in my life, I joyfully express myself as a
wonderous aspect of God, through the opportunities
I create, and the enterprises which come into form
through my relationship with the Infinite Presence.
I create a prosperous, creative and joyous life expressing
as ventures, companies, ideas to be developed, and
other businesses, fully knowing that I create these
as part of my wholeness with Spirit and my personal
expression of Universal God Mind in action.
I give great thanks knowing gratitude also as Love.
and release this to become a part of my experience,
and God’s support and Love.
and I let it be so. Amen.

Excerpt: Soul Currency by Ernest D. Chu


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