Are we human beings or “human doings”?


In our culture, we have created a belief that levels of busyness
equal levels of importance.To achieve this sense of
importance, we often push ourselves past our natural limits.
We were created as human beings rather than “human

It is imperative that we remember to take time to
simply be. Incorporating regular routines such as meditation
or walks in nature rejuvenate our spirits and lower our
stress. Nature is free to us and allows us to connect with
our inner stillness. Psalms 46:10 reminds us to “BE still and
know I am God.

In this space of stillness, we are able to relax and let go.
There is tremendous power in letting go of what could be,
for it is then we are able to accept what is. Somewhere
between the thoughts of what could be and what is, there
is usually a more perfect solution waiting to be birthed.
Our greatest insights come from stillness.

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