Suggetions: How to Live From The Inside Out



  • Time spent in nature every day.
  • The ability to connect the dots with each phase of a daily journey:
    the name you thought of, the phone call that came in, the person
    who invited you to a meeting, the book that fell off the shelf.
  • The belief that other people’s opinions of you are not that important—you are long past the teacher’s report card.
  • The ability to be so present in the moment that, for example, when
    you are sharing something with someone on the phone that maybe you ought to have kept to yourself and the call drops off, you realize that perhaps it was meant to be rather than a “coincidence.” Or your
    computer goes blank just at the moment you were going to send the email to someone even though you were hesitant about it in the first place.
  • The ability to celebrate delays rather than being angry and
    denying them.
  • The understanding that your exes are not the reason your life doesn’t work—they are your sacred friends who made the real you begin to work.
  • The realization that no one has ever been against you—even the most difficult people in your life shaped your path.
  • Clarity that people’s views of you have very little to do with you and more to do with themselves.
  • An embrace of what spirituality in the presence of your enemies truly means.
  • The understanding that the people who could not “get” you created the space for you in which you had to “get” yourself.
  • The realization that the world is not black and white, it’s both.
    It’s both/and meaning it’s black, it’s white, and it could be a different realization all together.

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