How to Find Your Purpose


How do you know your purpose if you do not know who you are? How do you know your purpose if you do not believe in God? How do you know your purpose if you do not align with yourself? What is it?

Your purpose is unique. Your purpose is original. Your purpose may change within the course of your lifetime and you may express yourself in many different ways in your life.

What is your truth? Are you living your purpose or is your “understood, attached purpose” driving you? Are you still looking for guidance or more enlightenment or another guru to help you discover your purpose? How do you get it?

The first thing you want to clarify is your relationship with God. Your relationship with God is reflected in everything you do, say and feel. If you have been unwilling to make a commitment up until now, then it is no surprise that your purpose has not unfolded. We begin by opening our hearts. MODERN-DAY MYSTICS: 7 STEPS TO SPIRITUAL AWARENESS by Rev. Temple Hayes 

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