How to Change Your Story


When we become awake to the ways in which we have died a little, when we become aware of the ways in which we have settled just a little or perhaps a lot, when we realize the ways we have not been our own bus driver, then we can change our experiences immediately. It is like the old axiom: When I do not change circumstances, circumstances change me.

Once we begin to tell ourselves the truth about life, death, and dying, bit by bit we are awakening our heart and mind. A trained mind creates an open heart, yet I had spent my entire life training my mind not to feel my heart. I had been wearing an invisible straitjacket for a very long time. If I don’t feel, I believed, I won’t reveal myself, and therefore no one and nothing can hurt or reject me.

Once we admit that our worlds are not changing and we need help, we are calling on someone to help us. We are praying for someone to find us. We are longing for our hearts to open.



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