How do you want to live?


With all parts of the soul complete.
Do you want to be fully awake or half asleep?
Do you want to be totally alive or nearly dead?
Do you want to live from an open heart or a closed heart?
Do you desire to be vibrant or drained?

In a world that is very much asleep, we often forget that it is possible to live with an energy and a vibrancy that reflects our natural expression of nature.The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential characteristics, essence, disposition,” from natus, having been born (Merriam-Webster’s dictionary).

In 1991, when I pioneered my own spiritual community in Stuart, Florida, I wrote the following declaration: “This is the greatest moment that you and I have ever lived. We have never been better, or greater, or more alive than we are right now. You see, as long as we believe there was a better yesterday or that tomorrow holds for us some guarantee, we are missing out on the greatest moment we will ever have, and that is right now. Right now is where we have the power to change our minds, to have a new thought, or to let go of something we no longer want because we truly are empowered individuals.”

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