How do you have so much energy?


For many years, people have asked me to share my views on how to go beyond seeing and viewing life to actually being life: being present, intentional, and alive. People are always asking me, “How do you have so much energy?” I realized early on in my talks—whether they were about spirituality, sexuality, sobriety, or stress management—that there was always a strong element related to energy.

I have shared tools for being fully alive with many great minds, authors, and teachers on my radio show “The Intentional Spirit.”
How much energy do we have? What people or things drain our energy, and what people or things give us energy?

Years ago I considered the message I believed I was here to impart; I was certain that if I was going to talk about energy, then I really needed to have some. With that awareness, I made a decision that once I was on the other side of every event that occurred in my life, I would be more energetic than I had been before. I was clear that I would have more energy than I knew what to do with. I would be like the Energizer Bunny, a truly impassioned and energized being.

I set out to move my life from being disconnected and drained to being impassioned and energized. Once I considered the decision to do so, change became necessary, and the decision to “do and be” allowed more energy to follow…

Happy New Yea! Loving Life






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