How Can We Truly Help Others?

floating in the air, standing on the earth
We can offer temporary relief to an individual who is in pain or undergoing difficult times. We can offer to pray for people and sit with them during their moments of sadness. One of the greatest healing ingredients to add in someone’s life is to validate them. As spiritual beings, we are the VALIDATORIANS.

We validate where someone is and from that love, safe and sacred space there is a healing that can occur. Most people are longing to know that they matter and someone hears them. How many times in your own life have you had a medical concern and the real relief came when the doctor said, “This isn’t anything to be concerned about.” It is such a relief when the doctor validates your diagnosis. We long to know that we are loved just as we are.

Life is calling upon us everyday to live and give more of who we are… the authentic self. There is an inner calling, a silent voice wanting us to validate the truth of our nature and we reflect this consciousness by the way we empower and take care of ourselves. As I validate the value of my own Christ consciousness by taking care of my physical and emotional life, I experience more of my Holy-ness.

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