First we must decide that we are ready and willing to change. We often get to this point by realizing that our current way isn’t working, or the inner ache to become more breaks us up so that we shift into more.

We must then accept that our parents, grandparents, and guardians did the best they had with what they knew and felt at the time. To hold on to the energy of resenting what our parents, grandparents, and guardians did not do for us allows this energy to be “re-sent” (re-expressed) over and over again until we let it go.

Not only do we express this re-sent (resentment) energy to the world, we resend it to ourselves. In other words, we become the re-sentment and repetitive patterns that did not work for us in the first place. The very people we resent for their inability to properly raise us have created a long-term energy of stopping us from ever being raised. We must raise ourselves above our earthly stories and move into our sacred stories.

Excerpt from: When Did You Die?

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