Honoring the Past, Present, and Future in This Moment


Ms. B. used to read a beautiful writing called “A Ritual for the Path of My Faith” before each weekend retreat and ceremony. Take a few minutes to find the perfect object to represent your current life and faith. Sit comfortably, facing your past and holding your present, and read the following words (you can also record them beforehand and listen to them or use them as a model to make up your own words):

I face the path of my faith.
This is the way I’ve come,
the journey my soul has taken
to bring me to where I am today.
I recall the people I’ve met on this path,
teachers all,
kind or unkind.
They walked with me awhile,
showed me their paths,
and so I bless their teaching.
I remember events and encounters along the way,
pleasant or painful,
always instructive—
Whatever happened, it was useful,
and in its own integrity was beautiful.
But I have learned to follow my own path,
I have learned where I must go.
I bless the path of my past.

Still holding the symbol of your present, turn around. You are turning your back on your past and putting it behind you. Continue:
Holding my present in my own hands,
I face my future.
Every day I step forward on an unknown path,
The Secret to Your God-Personalized System 105
a unique path sprinkled with star stuff
of Spirit.
Past, present, future are one time
and here I am,
where I’m supposed to be—
now and always:
my path is with Spirit.

I would recommend to you, as a student of life who is greatly longing to be an intentional spirit, that you practice this ritual for three months and see how your life changes. Read this ritual every morning before you start your day and make notes in your journal of how your life changes.Your energy will greatly increase from this sacred practice. Imagine! And you will feel less disconnected and drained, more impassioned and energized, and you will be living on the path of now.

Excerpt : When Did You Die?

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