Spiritual Evolution


God is our Creator, Divine Intelligence, Sacred Energy, Higher Power and is available to all of us all of the time. In traditional religions, God and humanity are separated. God is not a person but a principle, not a judge but an infinite power. As long we think of God as a person we will restrict God to personal limitations.

We are each an expression of God on this physical plane. God is impersonal yet personal to all who are open to the spirit within. It does not matter what name we give to God, what matters is what we believe about God.

In prayer we speak to God, and in meditation God speaks through us. God is love, wisdom, power, substance and most of all infinite possibility. All things are possible! As we learn to honor our Creator of Life, we emerge into our divine magnificence and discover our wholeness. What our world needs now is a spiritual evolution where people realize the absence of God means the absence of life.


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