Give Greatness

To belittle is to BE-Little. –Anonymous

Too many companies and work environments are highly impacted by the gossip at the water fountain. Perhaps you remember the old axiom we change, we accept or we leave. If we are unable or unwilling to accept then we need to empower ourselves to not constantly rehearse the pros and cons of the individual that we are having difficulties with. It makes us appear as if we do not have an interesting life. There are so many other things to talk about: a foreign country, dreams and goals, our children, pets, the way we take care of ourselves. We limit ourselves and our lives when we are people focused only.

It is so powerful to not comment or to remain silent to the negative comments being made regarding a fellow worker or boss. However, if you really want him or her to go then see it through to the end and handle it. Otherwise, choose not to talk about it and hold others to this agreement as well. We make agreements on a daily basis and what we are giving out, we will be getting back. Give greatness out and be enthusiastic when you see it coming back.

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