Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart...
January shifts your focus into 2014, with the theme to follow your heart and allow the transparency of your inner self and your outer environment to be aligned. January is activated by the New Moon in Capricorn that opens the door to the activation of changes within the career, business and financial arena. These changes are the direct result of the transparency bringing true capabilities to the surface to view. To see the true capabilities on the inside requires that the outside career and business environment be the appropriate reflection.

Between the New Moon on January 1st and the New Moon on January 30th, many new opportunities emerge to shift gears. Finding the best environment for the expression of your capabilities, doing what you love. This expression becomes the driver of changes and opens up new options. By the time you move into the Year of the Horse, you will be popping the champagne corks for the second time in celebration of very exciting opportunities emerging in your life. by Karyl Jackson
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