Falling In Love


I stopped looking for the right person and starting becoming the right person. -Anonymous

We are bombarded in this society with the need to be in love or to just be with someone. We have love a mate, rush a mate, need a mate dot.com. We feel inadequate when we are alone and not completely secure within ourselves if we have not “fallen” in love. “Falling in love” sells jewelry, diamonds that are forever, products that keep us youthful and a lot of other stuff. Many people are allured by the “perfect” love and the right look with the right image and with the right amount of money, etc. When we chase this dreamland concept we usually find disappointment lurking around the corner.

All relationships that are lasting and enduring are the ones that are open, outspoken and accepting. The ones that hold beauty are like that of a rose..awesome, beyond words, yet there are thorns as well.

As you continue to grow as a person, continue to give to yourself in spite of current circumstances and treat yourself as you desire to be treated, you teach others how you want to be treated. Master it within yourself first and when the other person appears you will be ready.

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