Faith Can Heal


In John 5:5 and 6,Jesus asks,“Do you want to get well?”He
later states “It is our faith which has made us well.” These
two profound truths, our wanting and our faith,are significant
in our Unity teachings and can apply to everyone.
In the first truth, we acknowledge that we must want to
be well. Some people find comfort from the compassion
and attention a victim receives.This may distract them
from the healing process. So to them, the benefits of being
sick and helpless outweigh the idea of being well. In cases
like these, their subconscious intention must continually
strive for health and wellbeing.
In the second truth, we acknowledge that our faith
plays an immense part in our ability to be whole.The faith
we have in our doctor, our practitioner, our diagnosis
and our God is vital as we enter into the
journey of healing.

Healing does not always refer to the correction of a
physical or emotional condition, or reflect that we are
somehow broken.Healing can be as profound and as simple
as a new awareness of how to love in a greater way, or how
to give more to our society.Healing is often a new insight.
In Unity, we know we are healed because we want to
be and desire to be; however, we do not use metaphysical
malpractice against or towards anyone. If students of Unity
die of diseases we do not view this as a failure to want
healing, or as a lack of faith. Rather it is part of our life

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