Everything in your life has prepared you for where you are right now.


As I await my dreams to become realized, I continue to grow stronger and wiser so when the dream appears, I will be ready. Harry Potter was told, “Do not keep your focus on the realization of your dream , otherwise, you will miss your life.”

You are where you are suppose to be and when your dream is ready it will appear to you. The amazing aspect about letting go is that it is powerful. Have you ever let something go and it came back to you in a greater way than what you ever imagined.

Life doesn’t accept ultimatums. We can not say bring my dream to me and I will be ready… life does not give us this luxury. We need to live and have an optimistic attitude as much as possible. Not all the time, that is not realistic. However, we need to bring our sense of giving and all that we are will one day appear. I remember going back to my high school and visiting some of my teachers for the first time in many years. I saw a poster of my 9th grade teachers room that I had painted for her when I was in her class. It made such an impact that it brought me to tears. The impact didn’t come until much later in my life. I did not truly see it. I wasn’t able to experience it until I could truly enjoy it.

If you want more love in life, give more love.
If you want more energy, show up as if you have some.
If you want more tenderness, give it to yourself and there will come a time when someone else is giving it to you.

Teach others how you choose to be treated!


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