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As long as you believe you are the producer of your own energy, you will always be tired and weary and feel there is never enough. You do, of course, play a significant role in your energy by getting proper rest and nutrition, but you are not the producer of your own vibrant energy any more than you had to think about breathing today before you took your first breath.

You can work with healers to increase your light and your essence, yet your energy comes from Spirit. What a joy to awaken into a new day and hear all the creatures on the planet singing with enthusiasm. It’s a brand-new day. My energy only increases, for I know I am a catalyst of energy rather than the sole producer of it.

You are not given a weekly energy ration. None of us go through a line on Sunday afternoon to receive the energy that will get us through the week. If we use a lot of energy on Monday, we do not have to be careful what we do for the remainder of the week. This type of behavior is self-programming and self-limiting. Yet people seem to do it all the time. Many people start the week deciding in the beginning how exhausted they are going to be by Friday, and they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Energy is now, and it is in the now that it replenishes itself.

What matters is not what we are doing but the energy behind what we are doing. We are all ready for ideas that give us results.

We say,“Show me a vibration that proves to me that the joy of eating a carrot made it all worthwhile.” Energy is magnetic, and people ought to be able to see it by the way a story lives within them.

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