Our sleeping state dream world and our waking state living world are both the same reality, but experienced under different formats. The only difference is in our sleeping state format we view our dreams thru the eyes of our soul. Which in my experience sometimes feels like I’m looking at one of those ornament water globes. But, as we get deeper absorbed into our dream sleeping state we imbue ourselves into it’s both symbolic and literal story. We are taught that our sleeping dreams are only symbolic, and that is true to an extent.

The paradox is it is also a literal event that took place in the psychic memory of God, which we have been using as a databank. So as to grow from his/her lessons, but in a detached manner. The kicker is when we are in a sleeping state dream world experience; we are also in an unacknowledged out of body experience. That takes us to a range of spectrums of light from dense (dark) to very buoyant (bright), and what we term a gray (black/white conditional) zone is actually a red zone. As explained to me by my Spirit Host Group called just plain “Oracle”. The “Red Zone” has other implications to the scientific community like the sci-fi dimensional time or hyperspace travel. So those claiming to have an out of body experience are just having lucid dream experiences in a sleeping state.

When dreaming in a sleeping state where the dream is very positive, your soul has just journeyed in the range spectrum back to what we term as the Kingdom of Heaven. If it’s a nightmare then you’re traveling through the density light vibration range of the Kingdom of Hell. Or if it’s half and half your soul while your body is in a sleeping dream state is traveling the buffer red zone (Astral Planes). So those seekers that we all are saying we’re going to heaven have actually done so all of our lives in a sleeping dream state. So when we physically pass on (die) that is the experience a soul journeys too. Whether this soul is lucid of the experience or not, that is why ghost haunting souls are unaware they died. The malevolent ones are pissed off when we as physical entities enter their dream-time haunting.

Now to a common explanation of the Course of Miracles stating constantly we are all in a dream world. The sleeping state dream world is a fluid accelerated seamless experience jumping from one dream to the next. Our waking physical world is the same one, but experienced through this carnal body in a slower vibration by an invention we fool hardly call time. So when all the ascended masters, taking Christ or Isu (as Islamic worshipers call him) as an example of his works. The reason why he was able to do such miraculous feats is because he realized what I’ve explained above and started to perform the physics of God.

Much like the cartoon make-believe physics of Hanna-Barbera with Wily Coyote and the Road Runner.So we are indeed in the world or reality of Fantasia from the Disney cartoon film. We only have to realize strongly enough of this absolute truth, and if needed of infinite micro realizations as a compounded effect to learn such teachings from the Divine Mind of God.

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