Doubt Everything


When you look at the word wholeness and you look at spiritual enlightenment, everything about our lives is a paradox. Do you agree with that? And the more comfortable you become and I become, living in our paradoxes, the better off as spiritual beings, we will be. The word wholeness, within itself, is a paradox. Because we’re always seeking to know and remember our wholeness. We’re always looking and pondering and exploring. When the truth of the matter is, we are whole just as we are. Right? So it’s paradoxical.

The whole idea of ‘I have tremendous faith, but yet I built that faith by doubting everything.’That’s a huge paradox. Doubt everything, and then you develop faith. Sometimes people have come to me for counseling or for insight, to share ideas, giving insight to me, and they’ll say ‘You know what, I feel right now like I’m questioning everything, I’m not really sure what to tell myself anymore. And I don’t know even how to remind myself of certain scriptures or certain literature, and I’m just in that place.” And I go, “Good for you! Good for you!” And it takes them a minute. “Good for me? What do you mean good for me?”

In that awareness, that’s when the stirring is happening you see, and you’re discovering the truth that’s within you. Not the truth that’s out there that’s in theory, not the concepts you might learn in chemistry and metaphysics, but the true you – the true colors of you are coming and shining through because you’re walking through it and you’re proving it you see.

Spiritual awareness is teaching us that in all of life we’re not seeing how things are, we’re seeing how WE are.


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