It doesn’t matter where you live, you have the right to food, clothing and safe shelter.

I remember the first time I really experienced the idea of a homeless person. Oddly enough, I was in San Francisco in the late 80’s – one of the richest cities known at the time both locally and globally. I was in one of the most popular and affluent sections of San Francisco Union Square at the famous St. Francis Hotel having tea when I looked out over the park area and there were homeless people everywhere pushing grocery carts. They were cold, dirty and hungry. The image has never left me.

Instead of attending yet one more seminar and discovering “seven new steps to being enlightened,” I gave the money to the guys and gals on the street. It was then that I realized so many have closed their hearts off to what is right in front of them. We are no longer aware that our very teachers are the animals, the creatures, the homeless and the weary. We are a reader society rather than an example society. We will travel all around the world and spend thousands of dollars to be more spiritual, yet we do not understand that spirituality is not getting, it is giving. And the opportunity to love, to mend, to hold, to bless is right in front of our very eyes.
Excerpt: “The Right to Be You” by Temple Hayes
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