Do you have any good news?


One of the things I realized a few years ago is how people, myself included, would elaborate endlessly to others about all the bad things that happen… the drama, the misfortune, the inconveniences of day to day life, how much gas keeps going up, the cost of living, the way children are today, the spot on my outfit, the weight I had gained, etc.

We can truly tell a story of bad things happening and have an entire committee of people to share it with and the more we tell it the worse and yuckier it sounds. Do bad things happen to all of us, you bet! Do we need to validate it, of course. However, do we need to rehearse it over and over again… day after day. Probably not.

The most interesting part of this is that we share so little good news. When we do share good stuff, we almost apologize for it or we speak real quietly as if we don’t want too many to hear it or preface it by saying… I don’t mean to brag or boast…

If what we focus on multiplies in our lives, let’s share some good with others and enjoy the greatness while it is lasting. Life has a balance of good and bad, dark and light, day and night. Many are out of balance and do not give credit for the good while it is happening. Perhaps by sharing our own good news, we will inspire others to do the same…

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