Divine Order


Divine order is scientific and is evident as the Universal
Mind flowing through all things.We learn through life’s
lessons and experiences that everything is happening right
here and right now as it is supposed to happen .We participate
with Divine order by using declarations and affirmations
to influence events, circumstances and conditions in
our world.
Divine order, however, does not excuse our responsibility
to show up on time, be present,and give our
personal best. We are often in situations outside of our
control; stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for a late shuttle or
held up at the grocery line. When these events occur and
we allow ourselves to experience them without resisting
the flow, we are able to discover the reasons we were
delayed. For example, following the news of a plane crash,
we often hear stories about how a delay elsewhere caused
others to miss the tragic flight, resulting in spared lives.
Sometimes a moment or an event can change us forever
for the better if we let it be. Divine order is always present
and we can learn from it.

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