Difficult Things

It is not that things are difficult that people do not dare, it’s that people do not dare that things are difficult. –Victor Hugo

Numerous actors, athletes and performers have told us of the years that it took to develop and to be recognized for their abilities. Sometimes we forget especially as we get older, how long it takes to become really great and dynamic at something. The people that tend to achieve their goals are the people that are willing to be uncomfortable and rejected at times. I remember somewhere along the way, I heard that the Beatles were told at some point in their career that no one would be interested in one more rock and roll group and doing the noisy banging on the guitars. Of course, we know the outcome to this story. Every day give a few minutes to the goal or the project and pay attention to the people and events that will start coming together in new way. Take a small risk in a new direction and see if life meets you half way. Do not be concerned with the fear that naturally comes with it. Too many people stop a new adventure because of the inability to feel vulnerable.
When I first started to speak, I was terrified of being in front of an audience. My legs would shake, I would get sick, and I would hope that they would cancel the event so I wouldn’t have to go. I thought of everything I could to be worried and afraid. One day I realized that if I was going to make a living as a speaker that I had better let go of the drama before it took a toll on my health; and so the SHIFT occurred. Today I am a prolific keynote speaker, who ironically, teaches others how to speak with confidence.
What could you dare to do and how can you take a new step in that direction starting today?
You can make it happen!!!

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