Difference Between Vice and Virtue

But Mostly Vices

Take the case of those who are prepared to believe in the difference between two kinds of acts. They also fail to judge between what is virtue and what is sin. There has been an age long controversy as to what is punya (Good) and what is papa (Sin). For example , if one man has been vehemently condemning it because it involves an act of violence and mercilessness.

Again , if one person has been advocating philosophically that , to strike a death blow to a sworn enemy is an act of religious valour , justice and fairness , worthy of admiration and great reward, another one has been preaching in unequivocal terms the cult of complete non-violence under all circumstances. Thus ,there has been huge gulf of difference between opinion of mortal beings, for they do not possess only the esoteric knowledge of the law of karma. They possess only paltry knowledge of the laws of action as they apply to souls.

Nevertheless, the knowledge of what is sin and what is virtue or what is duty and what is non-duty , is imperative for every human soul. -Vikram-

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