Devotion, Dedication and the Divine


We are like little cups of God; we are here not to play God but to allow God to play through us. God is inside us, and until we cease to resist owning this as our reality, we will always feel drained and disconnected rather than impassioned and energized. Although many years I was living the lower vibration in the lower class, the upper-class part of me recognized itself as true and bold and brave.

I began to start moving out of being part of the walking dead and began to return to the roots of my understanding as a mystic and spiritual being. I began to shed the layers of misinformation and to remember the God I was devoted to in my childhood, which helped me to survive being spiritually and sexually invalidated. I began to wake up.

Many people spend their entire lives being devoted to their families of origin, their teachers of influence, or things they don’t want rather than ever stopping to say, “Who am I? Can these ideas be true and real? Where am I determined to be headed without using my own head?

Individuals are impassioned and energized in their lives when they are devoted to the belief that their own life is a unique gift.

Excerpt:When Did You Die?

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