The demonstration of our good is evident through the
laws of life which are always working.We have the ability
to demonstrate and measure our good by being able to see
and create what we desire. Many people do not believe
they can have what they desire; therefore, they do not ask
for what they truly want.They believe that to gain their
desires they must rely upon themselves and their limited
resources rather than asking God.We say in Unity,“we ask
what and leave the how up to God.” How big is our
demonstration? How big is our belief and how strong is
our faith in God?

An interesting story of demonstration happened
several years ago.A woman desired a piano—she wanted a
Steinway Grand and did not want to pay anything for it.
She asked me to affirm with her that she would attract the
right piano at the right price.Three weeks later, she went
to a concert and the master of ceremonies announced they
had a piano which they only used for 4 days of the
year,and they were searching for someone to store it the
other 361 days of the year.You bet, it was a Steinway
As we celebrate our good, we have more to experience
and enjoy.Through demonstration, we practice our principles
and change our lives.

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