Dearest Friends and Connections,


First of all, thank you for your prayers. We felt them in St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay. We also felt your love and compassion – we felt it deeply.

We are all safe, humbled and blessed with minimum upset to our emotions and our properties. For all of our other family members within our community -Our pets including our dogs, cats, birds and reptiles are also doing well.
Our birds are singing with a mighty hallelujah at the Campus today…and on the Bay and Gulf.

First Unity Spiritual Campus where I have the good pleasure of being the Spiritual Leader had very little damage. All easy to repair.
Likened to a personal storm, the question is how has this changed me and how has this changed us?
Nature teaches us many things but we must listen. Nature is wanting our attention and like life – we want to show Mother Earth that we do not need crisis to hear her.

We have actions that need to be taken within our cities, our countries and our islands. It is a privilege to call Mother Earth our home yet we must treat her with respect.

Yes, I am ecstatic that all is well here in the heart of my city yet I am keenly aware that many people and animals cannot say the same with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

My staff and leaders are committed to being part of the help for those in need. None of us have to look far to find a need and fill it.
We talk about spiritual engagement…here is our opportunity.

Be a life Advocate – give life to hope and inspiration by reaching out to a family or community with your time, talents or treasures.
In other words, it’s time for all off us to put bigger feet on our words.

The blood of all living things is the same color, our common thread which binds us. Nature we hear you. We are humbled and you are changing all of us for the better.
Loving life, Temple Hayes

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