Commit To What’s Important


Anything less than a conscious commitment to the important is an unconscious commitment to the unimportant-Steven Covey

Focus is a key factor in our lives…you can be in traffic and focus on how slow it is moving, you can look at your relationship and see how challenging it is…you can look at your yard and call it work….you can spend time complaining about your country, other countries, the hospitals, the patients, the other people…..there are many ways to focus on “WHAT MATTERS.”

Too many people waste time on STUFF that doesn’t matter to them or their goals.

Next time you begin to complain about your life and the things that are in it, stop and ask yourself, “What is important in my life.” Is it to focus on the good or the bad? is it to focus on what needs to be done or what I have already accomplished. Be clear and focus on the best case scenario for you and everyone involved.

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