Chipping Away


As we do our work…. Imagine your life as a giant block of stone. The stone has potential and purpose, but in its current form, it doesn’t speak to your soul. So you get out a chisel and start chipping. You chip away bad habits. You chip away unnecessary material goods. You chip away ideals that others have tried to instill in you. You stand back and gaze at the result of your labors. The stone, while not perfect, is now more interesting, more creative, and more special. You like what you see.

So you grab your chisel and chip away some more. You chip away toxic relationships. You chip away obligations. You chip away self-doubt. Again, you take a few steps back and ponder your creation. Its shape is enticing, intoxicating, fascinating. It makes your heart race and your mind run.

You chip away some more. Only now, each stroke is more carefully chosen. Each chip is smaller, but brings your creation into ever clearer focus.

On the ground at your feet lies the detritus of an uninspired life. Rising above it is something extraordinary, unique and completely remarkable.

Will your sculpture ever be complete? Perhaps not. But one certainty remains: the more you chip away, the closer you are to having something truly beautiful.

So what can you do today to transform your life into a work of art? Pick up a chisel and take one chip at a time.

Michaelangelo…chipped away statue of David when he was thirty years old…

What is an area of your life that you would like to see chipped away ?

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