Charles Filmore and Reincarnation


Many Unity students on a spiritual pathway believe in
reincarnation.They have too many moments in their lives,
either within their careers or within their relationships,
which seem very familiar.
Through centuries stories have been told of how
people’s souls long to reconnect.Though they come from
many sides of the Universe and other lifetimes, their souls
manage to find each other again.
Charles Fillmore states in his book, Keep aTrue Lent,
the fact that we do not remember past lives proves nothing.
As he explains, we also do not remember the day we were
born but we do not question the fact of our birth.
However, we do take a realistic stance regarding reincarnation,
and know that everyone could not have been a
famous person in a past life.We also understand that
regardless of what we may have been or how we may have
previously lived in past lives, we are accountable for who
we are and how we live in this one.

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