Challenge, Faith, and Inner Conviction

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Challenge in the dictionary has many meanings. One of them says, an invitation to a contest or trial of any kind. It is interesting that in the midst of a challenge, it is hard for us to remember that it is an invitation. An invitation rather than a threatening, unwanted reality, which ultimately will define us rather than defeat us. An invitation that will build our consciousness and expand our spiritual awareness. Somewhere within every man, woman and child there is a soul mission that drives us and guides us throughout our lifetime. If we accept our spiritual calling all roads and paths in our lives further develop us to accomplish our dreams. If we resist our spiritual calling, we feel fragmented and start to lose our inner youthfulness.

Great, evolved spiritual people have lived before us and given us many spiritual tools to work with to overcome adversity. These people developed over time a strong, inner conviction and knowing that they were difference makers. This conviction allowed them to persevere in the midst of challenges and follow the dreams of their soul.

Faith is easy to practice when we are masterminding new relationships, prosperity and deeper happiness in our everyday lives. It is when we are walking through the shadows of life that our faith needs to be developed to a greater level. Challenges are invitations for us to be in the world yet not of the world as Jesus stated so brilliantly.

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