When Did You Die?

Infinite Resources

Imagine what the world would be if everyone realized there is one source in the universe, the presence and power of their Creator. We often confuse our limited resources with our source of fulfillment. We may tend to think of our jobs as our source, our family inheritances as our source, or the love we …

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Ideas to Process and Integrate – Part II

Aim for connection rather than perfection. Begin today to observe, in your interactions with yourself and others, when you are into connection and when you are coming from perfection. This new way of looking at and expressing your ways of being will totally transform you.


First we must decide that we are ready and willing to change. We often get to this point by realizing that our current way isn’t working, or the inner ache to become more breaks us up so that we shift into more. We must then accept that our parents, grandparents, and guardians did the best …

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