Life Rights


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds -Albert Einstein- Have you ever felt like a “button pusher”. If you are a clear thinker and you are assertive you can definitely push a few buttons. People at times are intimidated by originality. They like things in a box. If you are a great […]

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Love This!

We must take great care with how we name ourselves. When we take our name, we are declaring in some subtle, indescribably potent act the most intimate, sacred truth of who we believe ourselves to be. For this reason, many traditional peoples have names they keep secret—private names they reveal to no one, or only

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New Thought

Modern New thought author Jean Houston said: It is no longer possible for us to live as pale, diminished versions of ourselves. We really are here by Divine Appointment. We really are here for a Sacred Purpose. Our lives are really meant to be used for something beautiful and holy.I hope you believe or are

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No Limits

When we truly align with Spirit, we are receptive to its loving creative power. Our true nature is to give power to our highest and greatest thoughts and celebrate that expression of life. We allow Spirit to move through us with no resistance from our shadow side that believes in lack and limitation. Using our

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I believe that prosperity is your birthright, as a child of God. I believe that I it is your divine inheritance, bequeathed to you by divine right. Prosperity is the consciousness of God present everywhere. God wants you to be prosperous. I am extremely excited that it is possible for people to wake up to

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