The Grace of Spirit

Many people have grown up singing a song which says, “There is a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place and I know it is the Spirit of the Lord.”The Lord, the Law, is always present.There is not a place where spirit does not exist. Author and retired minister Raymond Charles Barker stated,“If God had any …

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God is the only presence and power in the universe. Each of us is an individualized expression of the One. Our souls, like our fingerprints are unique.We each follow our unique paths,and our souls recognize the way of these paths. Sayings like “that touched my soul,” are mirrors of who we are as spiritual beings. …

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My Source, My Power

“God is my Source, God is my Power, God gives me everything I need.” Karen DrucKer, songwriter Imagine what the world would be if everyone realized there is one source in the universe, the presence and power of their Creator.We often confuse our limited resources with our source of fulfillment.We may tend to think of …

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What is Karma?

Karma, in popular terms means that in this lifetime or in other lifetimes,a soul has made certain choices,and karma is the consequences of those choices. In Unity, we believe that we are working with the law of cause and effect. (see Cause and Effect)When we recognize our mistakes and realize that our mistakes are creating …

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