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Happy Thanksgiving and The Story of Life Rights

Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving, 

In the United States we set aside the last Thursday in November as a special day of Thanksgiving. This day is a wonderful time to reflect on those people and events we are especially grateful for during the past year. We especially acknowledge those that have had  very meaningful positive influence on our lives.

This year I am very grateful for many, many people and events.  I am grateful for you being with me here on this site. A year ago I am not sure I even knew what a blog was and now I have one. How cool is that?  In fact this blog is one of the reasons I was identified and asked to be a speaker on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise in 2009 …another part of my ever expanding gratitude list. 

I am especially proud and grateful for the progress made this year on the Life Rights initiative.  We have several sites including The Right To Be You where we showcase the book I published earlier this year and Life Rights which is the site designed to assist us in expanding the consciousness of freedom and peace.

Recently I was Interviewed by Meg Bertini, owner of Divine Rights Publishing.  I like this particular video as is a very good summary of The Life Rights story.  I hope you enjoy this video which is published at  and also posted here for your convenience. You will notice it is a YouTube video.  Speaking of YouTube…well that’s another story and yes I am grateful…mostly 🙂 

I wish this to be a very special Thanksgiving day for you.  If you are traveling or receiving guests, I pray for safe travel, peace and harmony.  Please take the time to give someone a special message of thanks. Give someone a hug.  In Unity we believe in Oneness…we are all connected.  This then means what you do for another you are actually doing for yourself.   Send out what is good and notice how happier you become.

May God Bless You,



If you align with the  consciousness of the right of all life to life their intentions in freedom and peace please consider the following:

Step 1.  Please register at

Step 2.  Join the Life Rights group at The group’s address is If you are not familiar with Facebook a great way to start is to activate a profile (all free). One you have an active account,  search on Temple Hayes and add me as a friend. Steve Pohlit, Executive Director of Life Rights will also welcome you as a friend.  You will soon find you have a growing list of wonderful like-minded friends.

Step 3.  You may feel you would like to help a child or possibly an entire classroom. My book The Right To Be You which is found at helps all and especially children understand they have the right to live in freedom and peace.  It helps all understand we are intended to become our individual pure potentiality.

I appreciate  you and your consideration of how Life Rights aligns with your consciousness. I  send you the energy of Love, Joy and Abundant Blessings.

Temple Hayes

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