“We are so blessed, we are so blessed, we
are so grateful for all that we have.”
Karen DrucKer, songwriter

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, stated in his book,
Mysteries of Genesis, that,“Those who have a living faith in
God’s all-sufficiency do not beg or accept things without
recompense but give value received for everything.”
Imagine what the world would be like if everyone
would give us value for everything we received. Each day
when we rise, we are offering a blessing of thanks that we
are alive.When we bless our work, we are grateful that we
have a way in which to create in this life.When we bless
our relationships, our family,and our friends, we are
affirming our gratitude to God for creating their presence
in our lives.When we bless our food, we acknowledge our
oneness with it while also recognizing all the necessary
events it took in order for us to enjoy it. Each time we bless
anything, we acknowledge God’s presence in everything.

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