Better and Best


Do we believe yesterday was better
than today? No.
We believe the best is yet to come.

Life is forever unfolding and ever changing. Evolution
implies that the change coming will be for the better.
Reverend Jack Boland, former Unity Minister in Detroit,
stated,“Don’t ever let your good be the enemy of your best.”
We often settle because we want to stay comfortable and
we’re determined to keep things the same.We resist the
natural flow of life—for life is change.In holding on to the
good, we often miss opportunities to experience the
amazing.If we are not open to the possibilities around the
corner, we may only realize a small fraction of our potential.

Unity urges us to continue to seek new paradigms in
which our joys and our good can continue to evolve and
expand. Life, unlike an airplane trip, is not focused on the
arrival or destination. Life is about the journey

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