Being Prosperous and Not Being Prosperous Take the Same Amount of Energy


I love the statement: “It is done unto you as you believe.” Wayne Dyer says, “When you believe it, you will see it.” So many people live life according to someone else’s beliefs and they wonder why life does not flow smoothly. They wonder why they are not successful. They do not understand that there is a law at work in their lives and a big difference between doing a lot of things versus doing a lot of the right things.

A successful life is equal to your ability to be you, living in your own truth and responding to life according to your own set of beliefs and principles. Robert Bitzer in the last years of his life used to declare, “Never sacrifice principle not even on a special occasion.”

Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind textbook, “The way you demonstrate and how successful you are does not have anything to do with environment, condition, location, personality, or opportunity. It depends upon your beliefs and your acceptance. “

People are often stuck because they stay in the question what do I believe. If you do not know look at your life. If you have a loving relationship then you believe in being loved. If you are paid well for what you do or rewarded by your work then you believe you are worthy.

It takes as much energy to repeat old patterns that do not work as it does to do new things. We create habits and then our habits create us!!! Know your beliefs and create new ones so you may live your amazing life.



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