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yellow light
There was a woman, who while driving, approaches a yellow light. The guy in front of her comes to a sudden stop and she lays on her horn. She was so aggravated that he did not go through the light that she started yelling and screaming and doing sign language out the window.

Unbeknownst to her there is a policeman watching all of this. The officer pulls up behind her and asks her to pull over and to show her driver’s license.

He promptly arrests her and takes her to straight to jail. After a few hours, he comes in and he lets her go.

She says to the officer “Sir I’m confused, what have I done wrong?”and he said “Well ma’am I saw your car with the bumper stickers that read honk if you love Jesus, one mind one heart, honk if you pray, Namaste when I saw the way you acted when the man in front of you stopped at the light, I thought for sure your car was stolen.”

Often we feel imprisoned or stuck in life and we aren’t always sure what we have done wrong? Why is this happening to me? Or why is this happening to me again?

Often it is that we are not congruent with our “real selves”.

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