My Soul-ful Story

Every person may talk to Spirit, but the answer only comes back according to our concept of Spirit. –Ernest Holmes

It has taken me many roads and many experiences, kind and unkind, to understand that Spirit is always giving of itself to me and there is only one path…the one I am walking on.

I remember when I first became involved in the teachings of Unity. I was twenty years old. What a revelation to leave the traditional teachings of the Southern Baptists where I had no choice with everything that was happening to me to a more open and broader perspective of participating with WHAT I wanted to happen with me. To move from life is happening to me to life is happening for me to life is happening in me and as me!

Unity was a great bridge for me and unleashed the beginning of a journey that has been profound. After learning how to focus, pray and have a vision so many dynamic things manifested. It seemed that the grasping and attainment curve was in one direction straight up.

What a life…up, up and away in whatever color of balloon I wanted. That was the easy part celebrating truth and my constant discovery of Spirit when things were going so well. Discovering sobriety, shedding weight, discovering love, discovering power power that I could use in self awareness and realization. It wasn’t TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES it was TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES lots of them. Good Stuff!

And then I said, “I want to live my FULL potential. I wanted FULL-Fill—Me-nt.
I stood in the space of declaration and stated that I wanted to discover all I could about how spirit works in this human life. I wanted to understand how Spirit works in my life. I wanted to understand this ancient pull of my soul that I had connected with at such an early age. I wanted to see how the mystery of life can transcend to a mystic awareness of knowledge that I could understand and embrace forever. I deeply wanted to heal the belief and grief that SOMETHING was still missing in my life. I wanted to do more than sing the peace song while holding hands with others, I wanted to exemplify the peace in which I believed an individual could have. I wanted to experience my life PRESENT by being PRESENT each and every moment.

And Spirit doing what Spirit does heard my plea. And integration began. Process on a deeper level began. Moving beyond the surface of LECTURE-physics to a soul level of being… created such a vulnerability in my life. I felt so out of place…I wasn’t feeling extroverted, I was feeling extremely introverted. I went from enjoying being the center of attention to longing to find the center within myself….from being a public person to being very private.

Retreating, retreating, retreating, space, space and more space.

They all came.the shadow selves, the child within, the wounded girl, the unresolved warrior, the insist-or/resistor, the pained healer, the betrayed, the abandoned and the good Baptist.oh yes, the one that believed that if you are good, only good can happen. One after one they came…all the roles in the movies that I had played throughout the course of my life.

Then came the other aspects of my spiritual development, the dark night of the soul. The days of the dreary and the weary, the times that you feel no matter what you do, or how you do it.the outside appearance will not come together. The puzzle pieces do not fit no matter how you change them on the page.

If you find you are going through one of these times right now, then embrace the journey that is coming for the inward spiritual quest requires giving up all beliefs of control. What is left is a knowing that there is power within you that can prevail through all things. And no one or no thing can ever take it away once you have developed it.

I use to say the cliche over and over again that I heard in New Thought, “Change your thinking, change your life” now I simply say, “change your life, surrender your life and your thinking will align with you.”

If the vibration in your life is changing and the energy of your light is changing, you absolutely cannot live life the same way. It is impossible. Oh you can for a period of time, you can tell your body that it is okay to have addictions or dependencies, however, the body always tells the truth and it is only a matter a time that you will surrender to the higher calling of the more authentic and natural you.

We can go willingly or painfully and we get to choose. We do not always choose what is happening to us, we do get to choose how we hold relationship with what is happening each and every day…and we can see it as necessary and instructive or just the opposite yet one truth remains it has been sent our way, otherwise, it would not be there.

The perception of your Spirit and Spirit itself can greatly be discovered when you know that whatever happens in your life, it is to connect you at a deeper level with yourself.

If you have been recently rejected in your work or in relationship, it is Spirit operating in your life to bring you to a greater place. If you are facing adversity, let it tell you what it is bringing in your life.

Learn to replace Dear Abby with Dear Spirit / Dear Self….the only answers that will fit or prove true are the ones that you integrate in your life from all that you are.

An original idea whose path is set before you.pray, connect with quality people in your life, find a new mentor, make sure the clothes (ideas) you are wearing still are effective as you have changed.

The greatest moment in your life is right now and all events in your life have prepared you to embrace it. Don’t miss a moment of it. Life is to be lived to the fullest.

Full-fill-ment accepting that I am full of the Spirit of Life and I accept how it fills me by developing my inner concept of it.

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