Sacred Symbols

A few years ago I asked what tool or symbol I needed to become more grounded. I went on a sacred journey and was mindful of being detached from what I might discover.The image I continued to get was the Eiffel Tower. I began to question myself. I absolutely love Paris, yet I began to question my process—really, the Eiffel Tower? At first I thought, Of course, it is because the Eiffel Tower was first laughed at and not wanted by a lot of the Parisian people. I related to that well. Being original often leads to a lot of laughter, nonacceptance, or bullying from others. I knew that path all too well.

I then drew a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and the following Sunday afternoon I saw an article in Parade magazine that stated, “Psychics travel from all over the world to be at the Eiffel Tower this weekend”—the same weekend I was gifted the symbol of the Eiffel Tower—because they believe that the signal at the Eiffel Tower is stronger than most places in the world.

And in that moment I got it: the Eiffel Tower has four legs that keep it centered and grounded. For me these four legs represented the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical expressions of myself. When I am balanced in these four areas, my signal and intuitive powers are immense.Thus, the Eiffel Tower became a strong and sacred totem for me, and many images of it grace my home to remind me of the necessity and the benefits of being grounded and centered.

These symbols come to us when we ask for them, and they are uniquely designed to serve us by making a deep connection with us.

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