Embrace Your Greatness


Have you ever felt like a “button pusher”. If you are a clear thinker and you are assertive you can definitely push a few buttons. People at times are intimidated by originality. They like things in a box. If you are a great spirit. you already know that you can not live out loud and also live in a box. The two do not go together. Many a great thinker was questioned, denied, dismissed, written up because of their innate desire to be unique and to speak their own truth.

Embrace your greatness by being:

G- grounded: have time in your day for meditation and relaxation (don’t forget WHO you are)
R- be real: do not try to force your help onto anyone else. Focus on the people in your personal lives that are willing to help themselves and set boundaries. Only you can do it.
E- take care of your energy, eat right and exercise.
A- ask questions to keep growing, remember, it’s what I learned after I thought I knew it all that counts
T- live your own truth. one day at a time.


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