Keeping Promises To Yourself

Doubt whom you will, but never yourself. –Christine Bovee

When speaking in front of many audiences throughout the country and teaching Stress Management, I realized that the common thread within every person was the lack of self care and self love. And I would always ask the question, how many of you made a promise to yourself this week and did not keep it? Now as children, we would never accept this behavior. We would not ever be okay with someone making a promise and not following through. This is true for our esteem…follow through is key with feeling good about yourself. Consider this week making smaller promises…do not go from never exercising to saying that you are going to prepare for a marathon in a couple of weeks or do not go from being 40 lbs. overweight to saying that you are going to fit back in your size 6 in a few weeks…be realistic and make sure your promises are achievable. Remember the main factor with change is to “be gentle with yourself.”

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